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About Me
Aloha RURE! I am Temperance Aurora Tinker, daughter of Glenn Elihu Tinker III and Penny Ione Pollack. I grew up in Soldotna, Alaska eating tons of salmon and moose, but not necessarily appreciating it. After high school, I tried out living and schooling in many places, returning to Alaska 10 years later in order to happily call it home. This will be my third year teaching at West High School. Some of my favorite things are live music, soccer, travel, snowboarding, and the outdoors. Mahalo for listening! ~ Temperance Tinker
About My Family
My parents are pretty rad, even though they're my parents. I love the story of how they met and the adventures they had together. If you get to know me, I'll probably tell you a more detailed version of it, but basically they were both at UAF in the early 70's because they were hippies. Both came to Alaska to live outside. They decided to stake a 5 acre claim off the Tanana River. They used the flagstop train to get out to their land, plus they hiked 13 miles into the land claim where they built their first cabin. It's actually a funny story about log cabin building, babies, and bears, but basically you get the idea that these gringos were in it to win it - really trying to live off the land and live out their values.
Deep Thoughts
If I could solve one of the world's problems, I'd solve the damage we do to the environment. That is such a vague answer, but it is one of my essential values. One of my favorite quotes is by the 14-year-old Anne Frank: "The best remedy for those who are afraid, lonely, or unhappy is to go outside, somewhere where they can be quite alone with the heavens, nature, and God... I firmly believe that nature brings solace in all troubles.” Three places I would like to visit are the Andes, the waves off of Costa Rica, and, even though I've already lived there for a year, I'd love to go back to New Zealand. In the next five years, I look forward to really settling back into Alaskan lifestyle.